QR Code Info

This page explains how to fill the form blank spaces in order to create an individual QR code for your location.

Please, be careful to write the right information

Please, create a new QR code if any of this information changes

Please set up an automatic call forwarding for the local emergency number to the respective national emergency number, if the local emergency number is not reachable.

Location name or organization
Write here the name of the location or organization which is creating the QR code so that the app users and beach visitors can have a reference point.

Lifeguard name
Write here the name of the local lifeguard (on duty).

Local emergency number
Type here the local emergency number. In case of need, people can quickly call for help at this number.

Valid until
Decide until when the QR code is effective. After the expiring date, the QR code won’t automatically be working anymore on the smartphones. The decision of the date is up to you.

Valid at night time
Mark the box if the local emergency number can be called during the night. If it’s not marked, the user will be notified that there is no lifeguard service at night.

Address (city, street)
Write here the address of the location / place you want to protect.

Select the radius (in meters) within which the local emergency number can be used and called. While selecting the radius, the map will show you the area.

Promotion / additional info
You can choose whether you want to add additional information or promotion link or both. After scanning the QR code, people will be able to see this information.

i.e.: „find out the special offer of the day on the website: www.xxxxwebsiteyyyy.de“

For further information, contact giulia@nickel-holding.de